Terms and Conditions
Prevención Familiar is a service of Galico Group LLC ("Family Prevention Services"), a company incorporated in accordance with the provisions of the Law of the State of Florida, U. S. A. and that offers, through different plans, funeral repatriation services.
By enrolling in one or more of the plans offered by our website, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of the website.
The services provided by Prevención Familiar do not constitute insurance or savings activity. They cover repatriation funeral services that will be provided directly to the member, through Call center, on previously completed membership contract or add-on contract prior to payment of the chosen Plan.
The person making the membership must be over 18 years of age and may join from 2 years to 69 years, 11 months and 29 days of age at the time of membership.
Term Of Service: Funeral repatriation services may be available after 180 days from the date of affiliation. This condition does not apply to members of the Traveler Plan, who will have immediate coverage from the date that the outbound travel becomes effective until the date of return.
Obligations of the Affiliate: 1) Provide the data as they are registered in the respective authorized identification documents and filling out the format in the required form. 2) Pay the value of the quota according to the Plan and its specifications to Family Prevention, within the contracted periods. 3) Pay the fee in advance. 4) At the time of registration, each member and beneficiary of these services must be in good health and not have pre-existing diseases, understood as these, those diagnosed before signing or accepting the affiliation.
Requirements to Access Services: 1) The death of the member and the persons benefiting from these services must be reported within 24 hours of death to Family Prevention at 1-888-605-0939 or 1-305-307-0071 in the United States of North America. 2) At the time of requesting the funeral service must present a photocopy of the appropriate identity document of the deceased person, the death certificate and all that document required for the provision of the service such as powers, authorizations, authenticated documents, or apostilled, etc.3) Be up to date on payments in the agreed manner.
Family Prevention Obligations: You are required to provide the following services: 1) Funeral Services to all members who comply with these Terms and Conditions. In the case of the Resident Plan: Funeral services up to $ 1,500 will be covered in the beneficiary's country of residence. In the case of repatriated funeral services to the countries of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil and Peru, the funeral service for up to $ 1,500 will also be provided once they arrive at the nearest place from where they will rest. 2) Repatriation: This service will be coordinated exclusively by Family Prevention and for all members who request it and comply with these Terms and Conditions, except for countries in Asia. Exemption from Obligations: 1) All affiliates, whether the main enrollee, their group of registered persons or third parties who take the services with another company, Family Prevention will not recognize any payment, or partial services. 2) When a person dies and is linked to two or more affiliations in Family Prevention, the service may only be taken for one of the affiliations and the obligations of Family Prevention will be considered fulfilled and without this generating the payment of any compensation, since we do not have insurance activity. 3) The lack of veracity in the data provided in the affiliation on name, age, and identity document number make you lose the right to the provision of the service and its benefits. 4) The monies that are paid in compliance with the purpose of this affiliation, are not refundable or refundable for the non-use of any of the services offered in this affiliation.
Value of membership, and payment method: 1) The value of the membership will be defined annually at the discretion of Family Prevention at the beginning of each year 2) The payment shall be made according to the enrollment date or your term of payment, as long as this is early. The value will vary according to each Plan and its specificities. 3) It is the sole responsibility of each member and the principal enrollee of a group of beneficiaries of these services to keep up to date with the payment of dues.
Default of payment: Except the Plan Traveler whose payment and validity is instantaneous at the time of ida of the traveller, and for that trip only, the rest of the Plans, the next day of the payment date, without the need of legal requirements to which are expressly disclaimed, it becomes effective delay of payment by the Family Prevention cease operations immediately the provision of the services described at the affiliate, and to all the beneficiaries under the Plan. If the affiliate is in arrears, it does not immediately access the services, but must comply with all of the Terms and Conditions set forth herein.
Changes in the Registered Group: Any additional service not stipulated in these terms, in the addendum document or in the recording of the Family Prevention call center, must be canceled according to the conditions and rates in force at the place and time of the provision of the funeral services. Any modification must be in writing or in telephone recording through the Family Prevention call center.
These Terms and Conditions will have a duration of 12 months and their extension will be automatic if not given 30 days in advance of their expiration and in writing, except for the Traveler plan whose minimum duration will be one (1) month and maximum of six (6) months.
Executive Merit: The Terms and Conditions set forth herein have executive merit and can assert the part fulfilled to the unfulfilled without the need for requirements or constitutions in arrears, being just the same.
Each affiliate declares that the resources used for the payment Prevention of Family does not come from any illegal activity, or acts on behalf of third parties, or allow people in your name or the name of any third party link or carry out activities related to the crime of money laundering or the financing of terrorism and the completion of your reading is to agree with them. Types of Repatriation and coverage: 1) Repatriation of bodies: a) Legal procedures and transfers for the repatriation of the deceased body to the country of origin in any continent except Asia. (b) Hermetic safe, with the characteristics required for repatriation. c) All repatriation costs including air transportation to the country of origin on any continent except Asia, to the nearest available international airport to the place where the funeral services will be performed. (d) Participants repatriated from Oceania will be provided with repatriation services up to $ 5,000. 2) Repatriation of ashes: If the repatriation of the body is not carried out, local cremation will be carried out and the repatriation of the ashes will be provided to the nearest international airport to the city of final destination. For ash repatriation, the participant or the applicant for the service must inform from the time of the application for the service, the decision to take the ash repatriation service and will have a period of up to 90 days from the date of death to be entitled to repatriate the ashes to the country of origin.  The services described above may vary according to the customs or regulations of the place where the services will be provided.
Exceptions to the provision of the Repatriation service: The service will not be provided in the following cases: a) Due to falsification in the data provided or the presentation of false documents. (b) Failure to notify Prevención Familiar within 12 hours of death of the principal registrant or persons registered. (c) The contracting of funeral services with companies other than Family Prevention, whether such contracting is made by the principal registrant, the registered persons or a third party. (d) Medical travel. e) For pre-existing diseases, understood as these, those diagnosed before the date of affiliation. (f) If there are situations classified as: fortuitous event, force majeure, public disorder, riot, mass death, public calamity, sedition, suicide, war, military insubordination, insurrection, proclamation of a state of emergency, usurpation of power or dismissal of the government force, invasion, rebellion, national or international epidemics or pandemics, radioactive contamination, natural disasters, terrorist acts.
To be eligible for all of the services described above, you must apply exclusively to the hotline 1-888-605-0939 or 1-305-307-0071 in the Northern United States.
Exceptional cases: If you have situations described as: a fortuitous event, force majeure, public disorder, riot, mutiny, death, collective, public calamity, sedition, war, military insubordination, insurrection, proclamation of state of emergency, usurpation of power or removal of the force of government, invasion, rebellion, epidemics, national, or pandemics, radioactive contamination, natural disasters, terrorist acts, etc, the service will be provided according to the logistic capacity of Family Prevention, to current legal regulations and biosecurity. In unusual situations, such as public order, collective death or public calamity among others, the services will be provided according to the logistical capacity of the company providing the service.