More frequent questions

In the transfer of the body or a person ashes, back to the country of origin.

What is the validation time ?

After 180 days the affiliation becomes valid and due to causes of natural death or terminal illness. In the case of the Traveler Plan it is at the time of the trip from the start date to the date of return.

It's necessary to present a medical record or not ?

No it's not necessary, but require by the client to advise on any sickness or medical condition.

Until what age I could be eligible?

Between 2 to 70 years old

If at the last minute I decided not to repatriate the body, what should happens?

We will provide a cremation service.

The repatriation cost include also travel arrangements for a companion or not ?

No we only facilitate the transfer of the body of the decease person.

How to proceed in the event of a member's death ?

The contact person must first report the death to the appropriate local authorities, emergency service, or police, and then contact us at the number listed on our website or call your agent or representative directly.