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Family Prevention Services was born with a high sense of social responsibility, among our goals and our most elemental porpoises, we can mention the execution of a very diversify exequial plans services.  All this as a legitimate responds to those facing a loss of a family member.  In that sense and in conjunction with our strategic partners,  we have conducted a first class worldwide program,  providing all the necessary support in accordance with each particular situation.

Our staff brings over 47 years of professional experience, and is proudly to assist you in your most legitimates expectations.

Our services includes:

1- Body preparation.

2- Seal Casket.

3- Dead certificate.

4- Legal procedures.

5- Incineration in case requested.
6- Air transfer to the closest destination.

View our plans for more details.

The service do not included in case of:
  • Medical trips
  • Preexisting medical condition
  • Natural disasters
  • War fair
  • Terrorism
  • Sedition
  • Riots
  • Strike
  • Epidemics (covit 19)


For more information, please contact us at the following numbers.